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23 September 1973
My website is kostia.net.

My home is in Virginia, near Washington, D.C., which is a wonderful city. I work from home. I've lived in Brecksville, Ohio; North Brunswick and Berkeley Heights, New Jersey; Blacksburg, Virginia; Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, Florida; and Herndon and Centreville, Virginia. Washington beats Tampa into the ground, but my favorite city is New York.

I have a soulmate. My soulmate's name is Lisa. She lives nearby and has a husband and two beautiful little daughters. Twice, we've lost each other's friendship for years and rediscovered each other at her instigation. I do not have the type of soulmate who is referred to by the pronoun "he," and who will come along someday and want to have my babies. He'll show up eventually. After a suitable break, I tend to become close friends with men I've been in love with.

I have a kitten, whose name is Jasper. He is full of win.

My job involves making books, mostly the kind containing economic and health statistics on developing countries. I am interested in the content of the books I make and often wish it were easier to make a difference for those living in suffering and poverty in the world. I use Adobe Creative Suite 3, which I love. I have a Dell 24" wide screen and a MacBook Pro, which I would carry with me everywhere if I could. When I do, I use a wonderful bag from sfbags.com.

In August or September every year, I go to Worldcon, except when it's far. I went to Baltimore in 1998, to Chicago in 2000, to Philadelphia in 2001, to Toronto in 2003, to Boston in 2004, and to Anaheim in 2006. I missed Glasgow in 2005 and will not be going to Japan in 2007, but I am very excited about Denver in 2008. In January every year (though I missed 2005 and 2006 for financial reasons), I try to go to Boston for another con called Arisia.

I went to Hawaii in July of 2005 and fell in love with the Big Island. In the summer of 2007, I went to Bethany Beach, Delaware; northern California, for my brother's wedding; New York; and the Outer Banks. It's been a very travel-filled summer. I'll be going home to Clearwater for a week at Thanksgiving. Since my parents have been out full-timing in their RV since November of 2006, I haven't been there in a long time, and it will be nice to have a fried grouper sandwich on the beach again.

I spend some of my free time working on Medievia, where I am called Kostia when I'm working and Stavia when I'm playing. Most of the time, I'm working. Very rarely, I am doing both.

My fandom is intelligent conversation, both written and verbal, both one-directional and mutual.

My favorite television shows are on cable. I am extremely fond of Dirty Jobs, Battlestar Galactica, and How I Met Your Mother. I miss Arrested Development, Deadwood, and Everwood greatly. I own the Firefly DVDs and often sing the theme song to myself while I walk around my house. I know all the words to "Once More, With Feeling."

I have a very low LiveJournal number (99266) because I predate the "invitation-only membership" era.

I sleep with a teddy bear from Ikea. Her name is Nalle, which means "teddy bear" in Swedish. I wish I didn't know that.
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